Bio and Clips

I’m a writer. But I’ve also worked as an editor in chief at one of the world’s biggest and most widely read publishers of women’s magazines. I’m an advertising refugee with experience working on some of the biggest and best brands in the world at agencies all over it, and I’m a social media junkie. I’ve worked in the digital publishing space for sixteen years – almost as long as Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet.

I have experience writing and editing in all areas of women’s lifestyle content, but I write (and think) most often about travel, food, relationships, and fitness, particularly yoga.

If you put a gun to my head (but please don’t do that), I’d say that outside of being a writer with a predictable addiction to books, I identify most with being a devoted Bikram yogi, a college basketball junkie (Kentucky, baby!), a Southerner, a surfin’ wanna-be, an avid baker of sweets, a lover of too-precious, artsy foreign films and ridiculously ginormous blockbusters, and a connoisseur of burritos, salsa, and spicy tuna rolls. My friends say I’m hilarious, but they don’t get out much.

A few samples of my work are below; you can also check me out over at LinkedIn. I look forward to working together, or at the very least, enjoying an overpriced coffee and a fancy French pastry of some sort.

Twitter: RBrownie  |  Instagram: rbc1  |  LinkedIn  |  Pinterest: rbcsf Tumblr

Advertising Portfolio

Food and Travel:

The City of Light’s Other Carb: The Best Croissants in Paris (Girls’ Guide to Paris)

The Scoop on Paris’s Burgeoning Food Truck Trend (Fodor’s)

The Prosciutto Sandwich I Still Dream About (DivineCaroline)

The Insiders’ Guide to the South of France: Cassis (Fodor’s)

The Insiders’ Guide to the South of France: Aix-en-Provence (Fodor’s)

Insiders’ Guide to the South of France: Cannes and Beyond (Fodor’s)

Paris’s Prettiest Picnic Spots (Fodor’s)

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt: Scouring the Louvre (Fodor’s)

Ralph’s Paris (Restaurant Review, Girls’ Guide to Paris)

San Francisco’s Must-Sees for Locals (DivineCaroline)


Brazilian Waxing Exposed: Let ‘Er Rip

Where Are Our Manners?

Shanks for Nothing

Ein Prosit!


The 4-Way (Dating advice column from the perspective of straight/gay man and straight/lesbian woman)

To Kill an Ego



RIP, Becky

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