Get ‘er Done

I know, I know … a freakin life list. It’s so Oprah/Deepak Chopra of me. Or maybe it’s more Morgan Freeman-Jack Nicholson-try-too-hard-blockbuster-movie of me. I don’t know. But here’s what I do know: one day I said out loud that I wanted to move to Paris, the next week I was talking to my financial planner about how to make it happen, and nine months later, I’m sitting at a café in Paris, eating a croissant and drinking a strong-ass espresso while writing this. (Thank you, Brandon!)

I don’t believe in chain letters, I don’t forward emails that purport to bring me $1,000 in the mail within three days (okay, just that one time), but I do think there’s something to putting out into the world what you want. Maybe that’s the touchy-feely Northern Californian in me talking, but there it is. Color me crunchy, but I’m a believer now.

So my non-exhaustive, work-in-progress list is below, with the finished items crossed off or partially crossed off. In no particular order other than as I thought of them. I’d love to hear some of yours if you want to share.

  1. Live in Paris.
  2. Learn to surf.
  3. Go to Bali.
  4. Go to the Glastonbury Festival.
  5. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany. {Thanks, Em!}
  6. Kiss someone I like/love in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower. {Note: I’m considering being in Paris proper enough of a “view” to count this. Note 2: In case the co-participant of this item stumbles across this, for the record, crossing this off with you was pretty awesome. Just in case you’re reading this, which I’m sure you’re not. But if you are … call me maybe.}
  7. See the running of the bulls in Spain.
  8. See flamenco dancing in Spain.
  9. Quickly mobilize to get myself to a place that needs volunteer help in the shitty event of something catastrophic (Japan tsunami, Katrina, etc.)
  10. Go to the Kentucky Derby. (I had to give myself a few things to cross off.)
  11. Live on a semi-remote, white, sandy, hot-weather beach for at least three months.
  12. Make money as a writer.
  13. Make a living as a writer.
  14. Work as an editor in chief of a magazine.
  15. Write (this means finish) at least one book.
  16. Write a screenplay. Or a musical. Or a song. Or just a haiku.
  17. Figure out how to never work in an artificially lit office building again. Or figure out how to be my own boss and never be anyone’s bitch again, even if I am sitting in artifical light. (Technically, I’m still someone’s bitch, but I say when and how much.)
  18. Go to Carnaval in Rio.
  19. Spend the night in a medieval castle. (Not the one in Versailles, Kentucky.)
  20. Buy a guide to the best southern barbecue joints and spend at least a month during a sultry, southern summer driving around and trying them all.
  21. Go to a World Cup.
  22. Go to the last two games of the Final Four. (Preferably one that my team is in and then wins.)
  23. Go to a Super Bowl.
  24. Go to a World Series game in San Francisco. (Half cross because I saw the game they won to go to the Series in 2014. Thanks, DBS!)
  25. Become fluent enough in French that I at least sound like a teenager instead of a five-year old when I speak.
  26. Then learn Italian.
  27. See Machu Picchu.
  28. See the sky in Wyoming and Montana.
  29. See the Great Barrier Reef, (attempt to) surf on the east coast of Australia, go to Sydney. Surf in Hawaii. (It’s far away, so I’m putting it all in one item.)
  30. Drink Marlborough sauvignon blanc in New Zealand.
  31. Drink wine in the Mendoza wine region of Argentina. (See you in November 2017, my little Argentinian grape beauties!)
  32. Go to Ireland with my brothers and mingle with our people.
  33. Ride in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley.  {Thank you, Luis and Joe!}
  34. Stay in a hut with a glass floor somewhere in the South Pacific.
  35. Eat something yummy at my friend Jess’s restaurant, Elephant Café, in Koh Lipe, Thailand. And then island hop in Thailand. And then jump off a tall cliff into crystal-blue water like they did in The Beach. {Note: I jumped off a tall, very slippery, very scary cliff in Mallorca, so I feel like this is close enough to get the cross-off.}
  36. Island hop in Greece.
  37. Learn to make croissants that even French people think are really good. (They were no Blé Sucré, but they were pretty damn good.)
  38. Learn to make a delicious pasta dish from a wise Italian lady in Italy.
  39. Learn to make a delicious anything from a wise Mexican lady in Mexico.
  40. Finish all the classics on my reading to-do list.
  41. Do Bikram yoga for 30 days in a row. (34 – thank you, Advil Liquigels)
  42. Take a Bikram yoga class in French, Italian, and Spanish.
  43. Do yoga in at least five different countries, not including the U.S. (Likely prospects: France, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom.)
  44. Own and love a dog. Again. (Sunny, girl! I love you so much! xo)
  45. Live half the time in San Francisco, half the time in Paris.
  46. And have a kickass backyard/garden/roof deck or all of the above at both. With a grill. And also maybe a porch swing because I’m greedy.
  47. Start the business in my head that I think can enable me to do #44 and #45.
  48. Go to the Cannes Film Festival. And actually see films.
  49. Go to the Sundance Film Festival.
  50. Go to the Tribeca Film Festival.(Congrats, Suha)
  51. Win the 100-million-dollar lottery. 50 or even 25 million would also work. (It would be irresponsible to leave winning the lottery off my list of dreams, right?)
  52. See a Beatle live. (Paul McCartney – AMAZING – both times! And worth every penny of the ridiculous ticket price.)
  53. See the Rolling Stones. (YES! Accidental front row!)
  54. Fall crazy stupid in love with someone. That I stay with forever. Who has his own life list, even if just in his head. And who likes to make me dinner. And likes dogs. And doesn’t mind that my cuticles are usually kind of shitty. And is maybe creative and /or certified to save lives or seals or something because he’s just that nice and that good.  (Note: this is the most important item on the list but I felt sort of predictable starting with it.)