The phrase parlez-vous loco is French with a touch of Spanish thrown in, and roughly means “Do you speak crazy?” It was inspired by the previous iteration of this blog that was originally about me moving to Paris from San Francisco, two cities that are embedded deep into my heart and soul forever.

Even though I’m stoked to be a Californian again (after a year and a half hiatus in New York), I miss France like crazy, so I kept the blog name. But it also reminds me of a time in my life that I never want to forget: the time I got off my ass and completely changed everything simply because I could.

We can all do that (and I’m still trying to do it every day), but I have to tell you, constant change does make you feel a little crazy, hence why I really kept the blog name: I’m always on the hunt for people who get it, for people who are just a touch crazy. Because crazy people are just more fun, aren’t they? If you parlez the loco, say hi in a comment. I’d love to meet you.

Also, in case you don’t get enough of the absolute solid gold offered on this blog, you are cordially invited to follow me on all things social. And I’d be totally excited if you did.

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