Essays & Short Stories

What a Gem

I told this story in front of a live audience at The Moth. The theme was “schooled,” and oh, the lessons I learned.

To Kill an Ego

This was my first live storytelling experience at The Moth. The theme was divorce. Hilarity, insecurity, and awkwardness ensue.

Omnipotence Has Its Privileges

What happens when you think about digital transformation all day, every day, at your 9-to-6 job? This short story. This is what happens.

Nailed It

Another story for a live performance at The Moth in San Francisco. The theme was creepy. Well done, Mom.

I Have Les iPhones

You know what smart people do when they move to a foreign country? They plan on getting a bank account and a phone in their new country. You know what I did when I moved to a foreign country? Neither. This is my story. (Cue the Law and Order intro music.)

Everyday Granite