The Hunger Games, Paris Style

Here’s a little fact about France: on a regular Sunday, a lot of things are closed. Here’s another fact: a lot more things are closed on Easter Sunday. Combine those factoids with me walking around without an iPhone (hello, #firstworldproblems) to help suss out the few open places and boom…just call me Katniss. If I’d packed smartly enough to include my handy-dandy bow, I could’ve easily taken out some forgotten baguettes through the glass of closed boulangeries, but alas, no such luck. So today I’ve eaten a pretty average croque madame, a few leaves of lettuce, my last Zone bar, and —wait for it, this is the best part — half of each of three Pierre Herme macarons. (See? I’m totally suffering over here.)

So my pics from today are basically snapshots of insanity. Of hunger. Of frustration. Of “Why the F am I in France and eating NOTHING???” My themes are unfocused. I’d forget I had my camera for long periods of time when I was daydreaming about food and then realize I hadn’t taken a photo for an hour. Tomorrow I’ll do (and eat) better. It’s Monday! I’m excited about Monday! I heart Paris.