The Future Is Now, Not a DeLorean in Sight

Attention children of the 80s and those who love pop culture: remember when Marty McFly time traveled in Back to the Future? If you do actually remember it, you may remember thinking of the future the same as I did way back in the mid-eighties; which is to say that my poor little brain couldn’t even begin to fathom what I’d be doing all those years from then, because clearly, if I made it to the future that Marty McFly traveled to, my life would basically be over because I’d be old, putting my teeth in a glass every night, and trying to resuscitate my sagging boobs and ass. Ahh, the optimism of youth.

Yesterday was a moment of pontification for anyone who remembers old Marty and his time travels, because guess what day he traveled to? June 27, 2012. Holy. Shitballs. Which means we’re beyond the future of Back to the Future — we’re now in the Great Unknown, uncharted territory. We’re lapping the future of creative minds’ past. (I made “minds” plural because I was also thinking about 1984. Which makes me laugh and feel slightly crazy that I put George Orwell and Michael J. Fox in the same thought bubble inside my head.)

So enjoy your day, my friends. Just as the Mayans predicted, we’re all living on borrowed time in 2012. Unless you have a time-traveling DeLorean, that is.

{Update: A couple of people on the Interwebs say that this photo has been photoshopped, that the real date is October 21, 2015. Not sure if that’s accurate or not, but if it is … meh, whatever. It’s a fun piece of trivia, just go with it, people. In the future I live in and dream of, the people who have to be the first to tell you you’re wrong have been vaporized and no longer exist.}