July 14 in Paris: Check aaaaaand … Check

Last year on July 14, I was sitting in Amelie, my favorite wine bar in San Francisco, tying one on with my other Francophile/oenophile friends, wondering if I’d gather the nuts to do this thing known as moving to the other side of the world. And this July 14, here I am. In Paris.  Maybe it’s silly to get so excited about being here for July 14—are non-Americans who come to the U.S. this excited about July 4? —but that’s how I roll: silly. Cheesy. Excitable. And just in case the memory ever gets foggy, here are some pics and video (at the bottom) to jog my memory … and of course, to share with you. Thanks to my friend Jenna, over at Paris Cheapskate, for being my awesome lady date. And thank you, Paris and July 14. You did not disappoint. {click on the pics to get a little slideshow action}

{I want to be smart enough to figure out why Viddy embeds aren’t supported by WordPress, but right now I’m not. So please click and don’t judge me and know that I’m working on getting smarter. Thanks.}

Fireworks over the Eiffel Tower: http://viddy.it/P7Ktt3

Singing troops at the military parade: http://viddy.it/P7MwNW

Dancing Queen, a drunk anthem all over the world (at Fireman’s Ball): http://viddy.it/OttHjo