Pozzetto Caffé, Paris: Yes, Please

I’m in love with Pozzetto’s creamy, authentic, Italian-style gelato. And by “in love” I mean that every day at the end of yoga when I’m supposed to be meditating on my mat, I’m really thinking about how long it will take me to shower so I can get to Pozzetto. Chocolat noisette is the juggernaut, the flavor you absolutely, positively HAVE to try, and it’s basically like a colder, creamier more delicious version of Nutella. I also love their lait frais et crème (vanilla) and pistachio. And right now, they have the thing I’m craziest about: fresh figs in their own creamy version of fig yogurt. Let that sink in for a moment: Fresh. Fig. Yogurt. But if you’re not into those, don’t worry; they have plenty of other flavors in the form of gelato, sorbet, and yogurt.

Their coffee is also supposed to be amazing, but I’m not sure I could ever go there without getting gelato. Perhaps in the winter months.  But don’t think I haven’t already fretted over the cold weather and what that will mean to my daily intake of chocolat noisette.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite places in Paris. Don’t bother getting gelato anywhere else. (Unless it’s Italy.)

{Pozzetto Café ~ 39, rue du Roi de Sicile}

PS: Writing on photos: yay or nay? I like the look on other blogs and thought perhaps PVL could use some sprucing up.