Lavender and White Peach/White Chocolate and Basil, Gelateria del Teatro, Rome

Twice a day, three days in a row.

I’m not proud of it (or maybe I am just a little), but that’s how many times I ate gelato at Gelateria del Teatro** when I was in Rome. So let my complete ignoring of the massive gelato calories (and the 2500 steps I ran every day in a sad attempt to try and burn them off) speak for how insanely delicious this place is.

Del Teatro is tucked away on a cute little side street just north of busy but Piazza Navona, and if you have the willpower to hold off on eating your gelato until you get there (I did not), you can relax by the fountain and savor it.

You could also opt to stay put and enjoy it. The space is bright and cheerful, with big windows that, if you’re standing on the street, give you a great view of the Del Teatro team crushing fresh raspberries, basil, mint, and other fresh ingredients into creamy gelatos. Or you could sit at one of the tables on the side street and take in a slice of Rome, watching all the people with willpower walk by and miss out.

What to order here? With eight flavors under my belt, I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong. (Though they only let you have one taste, so use it wisely.) I’d say go outside your comfort zone (mine is chocolate) and you’ll be amply rewarded. I’m still thinking about that white chocolate and basil–the chocolate was subtle and creamy, but the basil added a punch of fresh. Lavender and white peach was just me trying to extend summer. (It worked. Deliciously.) Chocolate and wine is also a not-to-be-missed flavor.

I so wish I could be there right now; I bet they have some amazing pumpkin, cinnamon, sweet potato, acorn squash, cardamom goodness going on.

Oh, Rome. I miss you and your gelato.

**True story: I also drank wine, and ate bread, pasta, cheese, and plates of meat, as well as OTHER gelato (who am I??) on the SAME days that I ate here twice. Which is why I’m now Soul Cycling in addition to Bikram. More on that soon. But it was totally worth it. (Even though I die a little every time I go to Soul Cycle.)