Happy Birthday, Old Friend

I hate to miss your 75th birthday party, but we’ll do it up right again soon. I love my new city, but you know that your beautiful rusty-orangeness and our fair city of… Continue reading

R.I.P. Disco

It’s been a tough week for disco. Today, Robin Gibb, and last week Donna Summer. Like everyone, I have those songs that punch me in the heart and the stomach (in a good… Continue reading

Dear Coffee,

“Your eyes have been opened and now you cannot close them.” – Charles Dickens from Great Expectations It’s Sunday. The day I miss you most. I love my new life, but it’s on… Continue reading

So Far So Good: 10 Delicious Things from France

I eat with way too much gusto for my own good and waist size; I’ll try almost anything, but I draw the line at bugs, organs, and blood. In my ever-so-slightly overactive imagination,… Continue reading

Why I Love Provence: A Complicated Answer

“There is but one Paris and however hard living may be here—and if it became worse and harder even—the French air clears up the brain and does good. A world of good.” ―… Continue reading

Hey You (Yes … You!), Thanks

I’m struggling for words right now. Because I’m actually on deadline for a couple of things that pay me, and for some other reasons, that may or may not be related to my… Continue reading

Paris Food Truckin’: Le Camion Qui Fume

Life is really hard in Paris; I recently did a piece for Fodor’s about the two food trucks here in Paris and had to eat hamburgers and tacos like four times in five… Continue reading

In Search of a Concrete Bulldog: This Is My Paris

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re 1) a friend and you’re being nice (thank you) or 2) you want to know what it’s like to cut the cord on your life… Continue reading

Museum Memberships, Layoffs, and Tim McGraw

I finally made it over to the d’Orsay this past week, and I did something pretty awesome: I bought an annual membership. For a mere 44 euros, I can now go anytime I… Continue reading

Why French Women Don’t Get Fat: Mystery Solved

If you haven’t read Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat, good news: you don’t have to! I’ve painstakingly cracked the super-secret code that will save you from reading through 272 pages to… Continue reading