Hey You (Yes … You!), Thanks

I’m struggling for words right now. Because I’m actually on deadline for a couple of things that pay me, and for some other reasons, that may or may not be related to my slightly more-pensive-than-usual Debbie Downer post below.  What can I say, you’re reading a blog with a title that asks you if you speak crazy; sometimes I’m pensive, sometimes I’m all up in a baguette and a glass of wine with not a care in the world but getting my glass refilled. Welcome to the dichotomy.

But just as I was looking for the right words, something good, wise, delicious or beautiful to share without a Debbie Downer spin on it, I opened my notification email for the latest Mark Morford column. I love his column, and I almost never click through in the email to read it because I get busy and forget. But tonight for some reason I did.  It’s about remembering to be grateful and to give thanks, which sounds super-duper hippie and touchy-feely, but it’s really good, both his column and the practice, the latter of which I’ve been failing at miserably lately. So read it. Both pages. Just click right here. You can do it! You can read more than 144 characters! I have faith in you, reader! You’ll feel good when you’re done.

I love it when the world serves you up exactly what you need, on a beautiful karmic platter. I needed this today.