Paris Food Truckin’: Le Camion Qui Fume

Life is really hard in Paris; I recently did a piece for Fodor’s about the two food trucks here in Paris and had to eat hamburgers and tacos like four times in five days. (In unrelated news, I’m seriously contemplating a cupcake truck in Paris. Vequila, you should bring your concept here!)

Here, some pics from my fave, Le Camion Qui Fume, le premier food truck à Paris. And you thought I didn’t speak French.

Read the article here to find out the deets on all that we tried and liked. They were crazy good, but my order of deliciousness and thus, my reco of which to try first when you come to Paris and spoon with me in my 180-square feet of The City of Light futon-ness: barbecue, bleu, and classique. And definitely get the fries.

Thumbs up. Go. Seriously… allez.