Robert Doisneau Exhibit

Truth: back in college, I was the girl who shelled out $9.99 at Pier 1 to deck out her side of the dorm room out with this famous Robert Doisneau photograph, Kiss by Hotel de Ville. I know you’re judging me and my Pier 1/reproduction admission right now and I’m okay with that because I feel absolutely, 100 percent, rock-solid secure in my cheeseball-ness: I was one of millions who loved (and still loves) this amazing photograph. To me, this is Paris: busy, bistro-y, romantic. I want to be kissed like this in Paris (who doesn’t?), with absolute focus and complete oblivion to everything happening around me. Just once.  (Preferably every day, but I’ll take once to start.)

Today I went to the free exhibit at Hotel de Ville and fell in love with his work and with Paris all over again. And cheeseball alert #2: I felt a little verklempt and overwhelmed with happiness just walking around and looking at all those photos in Hotel de Ville, right inside from where that original photo was snapped all those years ago. Because I can come here anytime I want, and because I feel so lucky to be here and to be doing this. (Emotional music crescendo builds, then falls, then fades out.)

Some really beautiful shots of Les Halles, the before and after, below. Not sure I was supposed to be snapping, so I only sneaked a few in, below. Kind of random what I snapped, but here they are.