Ispahan Croissant: Ri-Freakin-Diculous

The thing is, I don’t even like raspberries. Sprinkled on some yogurt? Maybe, but not if there’s a blueberry or strawberry around. With chocolate? Please, get your freakin’ fruit off my chocolate.

So I didn’t really expect to like this, but since I liked the Ispahan pastry, I thought I’d give it a try. This is heaven: raspberry, rose, lychee, buttery-croissant heaven. It’s got a glaze. There’s a compote inside. It’s flaky.  See, I can’t even form proper sentences now that I’m thinking about it so suffice it to say YOU SHOULD GET IT if you come to Paris. I’ll leave you with what the folks at Pierre Hermé say about it: “Buttery-rich puff pastry, rose-flavoured almond paste, compote made with raspberries from the Haut-Vivarais region and litchis. Upon the first bite, one finds it difficult to resist its rose and almond paste delicious flavour highlighted with raspberry and litchi compote. It’s all topped off with rosewater glaze and a sprinkling of small raspberry pieces. This croissant will have lovers of Ispahan melting with pleasure.”

Like you’re gonna say no to that.