Jeremy Renner in a Bourne Movie? Yes, Please

I love movies, and predictably, my favorite movies are those that take me somewhere more exciting than a movie studio in southern California. Action movies get the nod as my favorite genre (along with period pieces or foreign movies that require me to read subtitles), and shallow though it may be, I’m also a big fan of chiseled abs and smoldering eyes. Exotic locales + action and suspense + chiseled abs = The Bourne Series. For me, there’s no better way to laze away a Sunday afternoon (though Bond is a close second) than with Jason Bourne and good old Pamela Landy.

So I was pretty sad devastated utterly crushed when I heard that Matt Damon wouldn’t be coming back for the fourth movie, and I was reluctant to accept Jeremy Renner as his replacement, though I loved him in The Hurt Locker.  But I’m happy to report, that Aaron Cross is pretty much as badass as Jason Bourne, fighting off a frothing-at-the-mouth wolf and driving a motorcycle like a madman. I’m not sure yet if he’s more of a badass than JB, though; another installment will reveal all.

Pamela Landy does make an appearance (“Get some rest, Pam; you look tired”) and it also co-stars one of my girl crushes, Rachel Weisz, along with the ever-talented Ed Norton. Even though I was completely entertained, I found it a little bit less Bourne-esque than the first three, a little flat – especially the first third of the way through – but I still think it’s worth seeing. Of course, if you’re in America, you’ve probably already seen it, back in July when it was released. (Where’s the love for France, Hollywood?)

All in all, it was a nice way to spend a rainy Friday night. I was a little homesick that day, and something about seeing a Bourne movie made me feel like I was a tiny bit closer to my cozy couch on Guerrero Street in San Francisco.  Though, casting note: I would have felt much better with more shirtless scenes. Especially if they could’ve arranged a three-way shirtless spy fight with Jeremy Renner, Matt Damon, and Daniel Craig. Somebody get on that, would you?

*PS: Yes, I know I used almost the same headline in the previous post, but it worked, you know? So I used it again.