Bad Blogger and LET’S GO GIANTS!

Hello, Interwebs … I’ve missed you! I’ve been the world’s worst poster lately, but with good reason: I’ve had a parade of friends visiting in Paris. The past five weeks have been a blur of too much wine (Bourgogne and Paris), too much beer (Munich – Oktoberfest!), long, crazy-fun, bike riding days spent sharing all my favorite haunts, followed by way too many late nights of slap-happy, straight-up, slumber-party style, girlie stupidness. (Sorry guys, there were no pillow fights. I know that’s super disappointing.) I also crossed a couple of things off my list, too. (I’m lookin’ at you, #s 6 and 7….)

I feel pretty lucky to have friends who’ll fly around the world to visit me. I’m sure you guys would’ve come to, say, Des Moines, Iowa for a visit too, right?

(Never mind. Don’t answer that.)

Oh also, how ‘bout my San Francisco Giants, people??! As I post this, they have a 3-0 lead and are leading at the top of the 2nd in Game 4. This is the only downside to Paris: I can’t stay up all night to watch them (hopefully) win.  So rest assured if (& when) that happens, there will be a whole celebratory shiznat or some sort of obnoxious picture posted in their honor here. Because we kick ass.  Viva Gigantes!

I’ll be back on track soon. For all six of you who read this. (Thanks!) Until then …  bonne journée/soirée à tous.

{A few pics of the adventures, for those who care about that sort of thing. Also, you can always see more pics over here at Tumblr, too.}