Happy Holidays: Instant Feel-Goods, from Me to You

Remember when I said I was an easy crier? These two scenes from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually, do it to me every time, especially the airport opener. There’s nothing better than being met by someone you love—mom, best friend, husband, boyfriend, dog, guy who role played giving you a speeding ticket in a cop outfit (oops, inside voice)—after being away. And there’s nothing lonelier or sadder than arriving at an airport with no one to meet you. (Side note: I’m pretty certain that on December 17 in San Francisco when I see my friends for the first time in nine months, I will not look nearly as normal or composed as any of these people, because fact: not only am I an easy crier, I’m an ugly crier, too. Someday, we’ll talk about the vein that pops out on my forehead when I cry and how my eyes turn magenta and puffy. It’s truly beautiful, if puffed-up snottiness is your thing.)

And this proposal scene? Are you kidding me? They fell in love in two different freakin’ languages, after only knowing each other for a very short time — proving once and for all that it really isn’t all that complicated, this love business. You sort of know when you know. Here’s hoping, anyway.

Happy Holidays and Happy December from the eternal optimist.