Happy Thanksgiving, (Small) World of Readers

I know I’ve totally shit the bed on my 40 Days of Paris. Truth be told, it’s all a little overwhelming, this leaving business. There’s a lot of processing going on, a lot of introspection, and quite honestly, a lot of wine drinking. It’s a lot to take in (obviously since I’ve used the words “a lot” four times in once sentence), and right now, I’m not being very successful at writing about it, but I will soon. I promise.

In the meantime, I’m posting pics pretty regularly to Tumblr, so check over there for the goings-on around Paris.

In the spirit of saying it out loud (because you know I’m a fan of that, right? Hence the Life List), just wanted to say that I’m incredibly thankful for this past year.  Overwhelmingly so. As I prepare to leave, I’m thinking a lot (fifth time) about all the people I’ve met, the amazing friends I’ve made, the incredible things I’ve seen and experienced, the beautiful culture I’ve come to love, and how lucky I am to have done this. Thinking of it almost shuts my brain down, the enormity of it all. Add to that thinking about the friends and family back home that I’ll get to see again soon and seriously, it’s all driving me to drink another glass of wine, the emotion of it all. I’m so grateful for every last drop of it.

So thank you hugely for reading this, even if today’s your first time. You’re part of Paris 2012 for me, and even if we’ve never met, you and I, in our own weird blogosphere kind of way, will always have Paris.

So Happy Thanksgiving. Happy green bean casserole with Durkee onions. Happy sweet potato pie. Happy mashed potatoes with four sticks of butter. Happy canned cranberry sauce that nobody really likes except your angry aunt. Happy pecan pie. (Oh, how I would KILL FOR YOU right now – the southern, Karo syrup version – a la mode!). Happy all of it.  My wish for you is that you have so much to be thankful for, too. And that you don’t hurt yourself at the Black Friday sales.

And for everyone who doesn’t celebrate it: Happy Wednesday night/almost Thursday.