The Most Delicious Croissant in Paris?

My opinion, with the expert guidance of pastry chef David Lebovitz. T-minus twelve days left in Paris and I’m already shaky at the thought of living without these. Start here and read the rest over at Girls’ Guide to Paris, then stay tuned for Paris’s best cupcakes, coming in January!

It’s no secret that Paris is one of the culinary capitals of the world. A quick Google search for “best things to eat in Paris” turns up almost 54 million mouthwatering possibilities, including duck confit, roasted chicken, pretty much any kind of cheese you could imagine, steak frites, crispy crêpes, croque-monsieur, pastries, macarons, chocolates and caramels. Search for “best croissants in Paris,” though, and surprisingly, you’ll find that this humble and quintessential French delicacy doesn’t turn up nearly as often on those “best” lists. Even the equally humble baguette gets more recognition than the croissant in Paris, thanks to the sexy-sounding annual competition called the Grand Prix de la Baguette, the results of which give visitors and locals alike a few options to start with for sussing out Paris’s most popular carb-laden cheese accompaniment.

The croissant of dreams from Blé Sucré

But with no similar competition to guide us and thousands of boulangeries to choose from, the path to the best croissant is less clear. Where to start? We asked David Lebovitz, renowned pastry chef and author of six cookbooks, including The Sweet Life in Paris and the more recent Ready for Dessert, to give us a crash course in finding the best croissants.

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